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Not clear why they happen, though there are several theories. For running, exhaling on the left foot has helped me a lot. I would also get them sometimes while practicing kicks. This was trickier to work with, but a powerful exhale while kicking seemed to also help here (breathing exercises were indirectly useful as well).


Still no sure explanation has been found - it's a difficult field and "whys" are often only guesses or results from ones own experience that is been passed on. Summery of the linked article: Quote While there is still no definitive explanation for the cause of a side stitch, there are several very convincing theories. Quote The most important ...


Stitches can happen for a lot of reasons: breathing issues, eating too recently, dehydration. To get rid of them, focus on exhaling as you step with the foot on the opposite side of the stitch. I've gotten stitches hundreds of times, and this has never failed to fix them.


To try answering the specific question: Are there exercises that explicitly help to prevent side stitches to occur? The deep and controlled breathing in on the right foot and out on the left foot is suggested to help. You have to be concentrated on this and train this while exercising to breath the right way without concentrating to much on this while ...


I experienced quite bad stitch when I first started running, and after some casual research discovered my problem was coming from: Running too soon after eating/drinking Running too fast A beer gut! So the easiest way to immediately stop the stitch is to leave 1.5 - 2 hours after eating before running, and slow down to a speed where you don't get ...


I have been running since high school, and still get stitches if I do not follow my coach's advice (and a few tips from running friends over the years): Breathe 3 breaths out for every one breath in. As soon as I try to inhale deep, I always cramp Breathe in through nose, out through mouth (still working on this one, but it helps, so I keep trying) Like ...


To ease/relief the stitch, I usually take the hand opposite of the stitch and press gently into the side while continuing to run (a little slower, of course) and focus on deep breathing. Helps every time within a minute.


If changing your breathing pattern helped, there is no reason to go to the doctor, as stitches from diaphragm compression are entirely normal. The reason you got these cramps less when playing sports is probably because you frequently stopped and started, which naturally gave you rest, and also broke up your breathing pattern. Your organs will get used to ...


Stitches commonly occur if this is the first time you are running in a while. They also occur if your stomach is somewhat full. If you are a new runner or have not run in a while, just run at a slower pace where the pain does not occur. Also, run only after a couple of hours or more after having food or drink. More info on stitches can be found at this ...

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