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You can buy dumbbell magnets to attach to the head of the dumbbells. I've typically seen 1.25lb magnets, though I suppose you can probably find 2.5 lb magnets as well.


Nothing inherently wrong in the math, just in the model you are using. As it turns out, Greg Nuckols just published an article on Muscle Math, which sheds some light on why it is simply not feasible in practice to go from 300x3 to 840 lbs in 1 year (52 weeks). Some of the major take-aways are: Recovery activities have a power law distribution (i.e. the ...


I can only offer this as to what worked for me. I ran 5k and 800m competitively in high school and college, and then moved onto half marathons before getting out of competitive running entirely. When I started strength training during running I felt a lot more "stable" on my runs. I know that endurance and speed increase by running longer and running ...


Your math is fine. The problem is you're just plotting your current progress. From Aimee Avaya Everett: New people come on the scene, their lifts continuously go up week after week, and they are the fucking bomb! Their confidence is through the roof! Do we have the next World Champ? [They think,] 'At the rate I am PRing in my snatch and clean & jerk, ...


I did some Google searches, and I thought I might as well post what I found out as an answer. In addition to dumbbell magnets, there are also wrist weights and weighted gloves.


In addition to Plate-Mates, a length of heavy metal chain might be a good solution.


The two problems I had with such an approach were 1) the difficulty in properly warming up for each session and 2) a slight increase managing workload. Split workouts mean that you either spend a lot of time warming up for each separate session, or you don't fully warm up sometimes. It's easy to skip a full warm-up in such a situation, but it's still a ...

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