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You have the right idea for the first couple weeks, especially if you have never done much running previously. It will take a little while for running to feel smooth and natural in a manner which allows for longer time and distance runs. Depending on your fitness level, it may make sense to break these early runs into parts, e.g. do 3x5 minutes, as a way of ...


When fat is burned, it just goes away. What could be hanging out is excessive skin that is left if you lose fat very fast and/or have skin elasticity issues, but it's not your case. The effect of "hanging out" on 2nd picture could be explained by different level of tension in you ABS, the position that you would feel as "relaxed" is nonetheless different ...


For men, the stomach is often the last place that fat is lost. It changes from person to person, but you'll lose fat in a particular order, pretty much the opposite of the order in which you put it on. Most men put on belly fat first and lose it last. If you've lost fat, look at other places first: your arms, back, thighs, chest, face, etc.

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