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Use Your Body (or someone else's) This is where a buddy is great. Have them provide the resistance by grabbing your forearms. It may take some finagling, but you'll get a good position. You can do this for just about any free-weight exercise. Curls? Done. Bench press? Done. Flys? Done, done, done. The great thing is, with a little bit of adjustment, your ...


May I suggest the plank hold? It works your entire chest, back, abs, and delts. This allows pressure more on elbows than wrists. Also when in plank position, I suppose you could lower yourself up and down as a substitute for regular push up?


The current theory states that there's two types of muscle mass, sarcoplasmic, and myofibrallar. Sarcoplasmic is mostly fluid, nigh useless. You can elicit sarcoplasmic adaptation through high reps, low intensity. Think body building. Myofibrillar is actual functional mass, i.e. a farmer who bales hay all day every day. So, in the end, make sure the ...


You can use sense iOS app to track your strength workouts. sense cardio and strength tracker It automatically tracks push-ups jumps squats sit-ups and planks. It also enables you to challenge your friends. It learns from your workouts and generate personal insights to help you improve your form. Check it out.

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