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Although weakness or limited mobility anywhere in the kinetic chain may lead to excessive pronation as a compensation, limited ankle dorsi-flexion is often a prime culprit. To test your dorsi-flexion range you can see if you can fully squat without lifting your heels or losing your balance. Or another quick lunge test uses a ruler and the wall. If you find ...


The specificity of your goal makes it easy to offer a workout plan here. You want a more powerful deadlift, so deadlifting is going to be your path to this goal. There are plenty of 5-15 week programs out there, pick one that seems right for you, work it through completion, then begin another program. Deadlifting every other day for the long term will be the ...


Your routine could probably use more cardio exercise. 5-7 km once or twice a week-while better than nothing-isn't much and does very little to improve or maintain your fitness. A decent running routine for maintaining fitness might be to work on doing 30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. The rest of your routine looks better.

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