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Aerobics won't make you taller, however at age 15/16 you are still growing. Girls are still growing until around 18 and boys i believe is early 20's. it's hard to say how much more you will grow and when, as everyone is different. A combination of eating a good diet and exercise will help you lose weight.


I also suffer with periformis tightness due to an imbalance, and I find if I sit on the foam roller with legs bent. I take 1 foot across the other knee and can usually wriggle about on the roller to get to the spot that hurts. Have you tried in this position?


Will aerobics make you taller? No, it won't. It'll strengthen your heart and lungs; it'll also tone your body and increase your energy. But it will not make you taller. That being said, some studies reveal that performing exercises that stretch your back and spine (such as hanging from a bar) can increase your height. Also (purely my observation with no ...

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