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First, a point on definitions: Stretching - To lengthen a muscle. (Sit ups would not be considered stretching.) Strengthening - To contract a muscle against resistance. Cardio - Any exercise to raise your heart rate. All I can do for activity now is to lie down and come up and touch my toes without moving my knees. Actually, you have a lot of ...


Your back is probably hurting because you are immobilized in one position, something that a simple fidget can help. What actually happens is when muscle is immobilised in a shortened position (your hip flexors when you drive for example) for some time there is a loss of some muscle sarcomeres. GOOD NEWS is that this can be reversed once you are starting to ...


The machine you show is actually another type of elliptical trainer typically meant for light exercise or cardio work. I would suggest you look at performing some active stretching following a specific program for the hamstrings. For example, following a program designed for the target muscle. You may also want to search the ExRx site for stretches.


This exercise is commonly utilized in yoga practice. Your body alignment, breathing, and head movement are all important. Make sure to begin with your shoulders stacked directly above your wrists, and hips directly above knees (as shown in the images above). As you inhale, let your gaze trace up to the ceiling and backwards; your upper back should follow as ...

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