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I don't believe that there is a universal list of stretches, but there are certainly guides out there. I'm personally found of Craig Ramsay's Anatomy of Stretching which has both an hour-long comprehensive set of stretches and a 15 minute essentials one, the latter of which also comes on a poster that comes with the book.


I'd definitely need to read the whole article to be 100% this proves bigger muscles are more resistant to stretching, but judging only from the abstract of this review (http://www.clinbiomech.com/article/S0268-0033(00)00061-9/abstract) this seems to be the case: "...passive extensibility is influenced by the size (mass) and length of muscle ...


There is not much you can actively do to grow taller. Your genetics will ultimately dictate your height. When you stop growing is not set in stone. It comes down to individual differences. Like someone in the comment section pointed out, you should get an x-ray to see if you growth plates have fused. After they fuse, there is nothing you can do.


If you feel that your method works and is giving you the results you want, just keep doing it. It really doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it. If your ancle flexibility is stopping you from doing a proper squat then you should look into buying weightlifting shoes with an elevated heel. It will allow you to squat more upright without great ancle ...

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