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It's powder. You can bring it wherever for as long as you want. If you're talking about shakes that are already mixed with water/milk/whatever, then no. Drink it immediately.


CLA is available in powdered form. This can be ingested by simply mixing with water and drinking. Example available here


The real question you seem to be asking is how to lose the remaining weight. Yao Choa raises multiple good points in their answer: A pill is not the answer You cannot target fat loss areas: you can only improve muscle in a single area It's likely you want to look at what you're eating (i.e. how many calories per day) and changing your routine. It's best ...


Milk from grassfed cows has lots of CLA. At least if you do eat butter the best solution is to switch to "grassfed butter" like Kerry Gold.


You may not like to hear this but a pill is not your answer. You cannot spot reduce belly fat. Exercising one muscle group (such as your abs) can increase muscle in a specific area but fat is lost all over your body, not in one area. Doing all the ab exercise in the world will only result in a visible 6 pack for people who are relatively lean. There is no ...

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