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From reading the Nick Aldis book "The Superstar Body" he mentions dextrose tablets. He uses them not during a weight-based workout but afterwards. By taking the dextrose tablet with the whey protein shake it helps the body to "reset" and make better use of the protein being ingested. I have started to take one after my workout, before my protein shake on a ...


Yes, protein supplements are taken outside of bodybuilding, in fact, I argue that there are more people who don't lift using them than people who do lift using them. This is mainly because everyone wants to be strong, and marketers have made protein supplements look like they will get you strong just by drinking them alone without exercising. This is not ...


Some people practicing endurance sports could take it, especially if they don't have much time to eat after their workout. It's rather a means to recover than bulking up/building muscle though. For most people it is not necessary though, of course. If you are running to lose weight for example it's probably not recommended because people tend to overestimate ...


Bodybuilding amateurs and professionals are definitely the most common users of protein supplements. However, anyone with a protein deficiency (e.g. vegetarians, who usually have a harder time hitting their daily protein requirements) could take advantage of them.

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