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The shoulder muscles that contribue to the broad shape are primarily the deltoid muscles. This is the muscle that forms the bulk of the shoulder muscle mass, with three heads (Anterior, medial and posterior) that inserts on the humerus. This muscle is primarily involved with shoulder abduction, or moving the upper arm out away from the body. So for ...


I have broken down the main strokes into their activated muscle groups. Note, you will have to do a lot (and I mean a lot) of swimming to see a big increase in your shoulders. It would be more efficient to follow a bodybuilding/powerlifting programme. Freestyle and Backstroke Core abdominal and obliques are important in rotating the torso for a longer ...


While your question is somewhat confusing, the most common reason for beginners to get out of breath or tired after a very short distance is usually due to poor form and breathing problems. The most common beginner mistakes: Kicking from the knees, not the hips, with toes that are not pointed back, but instead pointing down at the bottom of the pool. This ...


You should try a technique involving moving your soft palate into the right place by saying the letter 'T'. Try mouthing the letter and you will see that you cannot breath through your nose, so water will not get in to choke you. Here is a more detailed explanation:

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