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Growing up surfing, I'd get water in my nose constantly. When stuffed up I'd splash some up in there and snot rocket all the junk out. Even a "saline nasal spray" is just a fancy way of blowing salt water into your nose. If there's a problem I'd venture to guess it has more to do with whatever badness is in the water (chemicals, pathogens, etc). You can ...


Simply practising a swim style again and again does not necessarily makes you swim better. Moreover, you might be reinforcing the bad aspects in your technique. What you need to include in your workouts is swimming drills. They are special modified exercises aiming to make you focus on one single aspect of the technique at a time. Here is a random example ...


I am water skier and bare footer. When you are coming up especially on a bare foot back up trick you may get water up your nose. It does irritate some people and they just use water proof bandage tape to tape the nostrils shut. I learned it from Mike Seipel - a former bare world barefoot champion.

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