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The switch from the pool to the lake/ocean can be challenging. Google on "overcome fear of open water swimming" or "panic attack triathlete water" and you will find that you are not alone. There are two aspects of your question: Overcoming fear in general when training/doing sports and Specifics with swimming. Overcoming fear in general when training ...


I get the same feeling except I can't swim well. What I do is to just float there, look at the bottomless depth, and try to recognize that the water is holding me up. Additionally I try to swim down a little and allow myself to float up. This worked best for me the one time when I did it with a snorkel.


Yes, here's a source: http://en.coaching.itftennis.com/media/113830/113830.pdf Check the last article about endurance in tennis...


Have you ever trained for a triathlon? I find that triathlon training programs incorporate even levels of training in three different disciplines -- running, biking, and swimming. At various times in my life, I've had to cut back on running due to overuse injuries and during those times I tried to focus more on swimming, sometimes even doubling the workout ...


Yes. Swimming is one way to maintain or improve your "land endurance" (as you put it). Don't start doing too much - start at a comfortable volume of exercise. As you grow accustomed to the new activity, increase as necessary. If you're trying to avoid or recover from injury, swimming is one good option (elliptical and bike are also good options). However, ...


Absolutely Can, both running and swimming is cardio. Running for a long time is for build endurance, swimming is to. So you can choose Swim for alternate your Cardio

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