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As a former competitive swimmer (and frequent swimmer now) with very long hair, I've always been partial to silicone caps. They tend to do less pulling and damage to the hair and are easier to manage. If you want to go the extra length (no pun intended) to nourish your hair, try putting a little protective or fortifying conditioner in your hair before ...


I doubt many people on here are qualified to answer that question. I would seek out a sport psychologist who specializes in motivation. Maybe he or she can get to the bottom it.


I've had this and I'm no psychologist, but I am a swimmer (ocean rescue for about 16 years) and naturally a little introverted (given the time). I think its that distance swimming is sort a strange scenario for the mind. If you talk to any distance swimmer they know that there's a meditation that occurs with the controlled breathing and rhythmic motion and ...

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