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I'm not sure using the short pool for technique work is such a great idea. By the time you push off, surface, and get a couple stroke cycles in you already have to turn around. Perhaps take advantage of the shorter pool length to work on your speed. When one of my local pools is set up for long course there is a 17.5m width lane in the space where lane 0 ...


Are you doing the swims all straight with no break? If you are looking to improve your overall speed (while also maintaining better technique), consider breaking up your swim. 1000m --> 10x100 w. :10 sec rest at each wall That little bit of a breather at the wall will do wonders in terms of helping you reset and refocus on the next rep and maintain that ...


I am not an expert or a doc, but IMHO paying attention to your inner instinct and fear is normal and being fearful of the sea is normal. Sea is not our natural habitat, and we are not the top predators there. Individuals do get attacked by sharks, medusas etc.

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