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If you're primarily looking at calories spent, I'd suggest simply buying a chest strap based monitor. As they are: less likely to be broken during a fall, start at £15, and the likes of the Runtastic combo are available for around £35 have the advantage of being able to be paired with gym equipment as well as a phone / tablet. can be paired with multiple ...


When I first got my fitbit it tracked well on my elliptical and I could see the same miles on my machine as my fit bit and it showed pretty close to active minutes as I went on machine when I got off! Now less than a month of owning it seems it won't track my minutes or miles when on my elliptical we have tried everything Very disappointed.


It seems [1] that the fitbit charge hr does base it's calorie consumptions figure on heart rate. So I guess it will work in your case as well. I would send an email to them and ask. Regarding metabolism, there have actually been studies made on peoples perceived metabolism and eating habits, the result was that thin people over-estimate their eating and ...


Kinda defeats the purpose of a tracker. Have it to track it for me, not to have to enter all kinds of stuff. Similar experience with other exercise equipment, such as elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, all had marginal tracking.

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