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I just ran on a 1200i and a USER.TXT file showed up in the root of my USB with the following data. Here is my guess for the fields: Date,Time,?,??,??,Speed,Distance,??,??,?? 11/04/2015,06:18:01,T,000,0000,0000,00.5,00.00,0000,,E, 11/04/2015,06:18:22,T,000,0000,0000,00.5,00.00,0000,,E, 11/04/2015,06:19:08,T,000,0000,0015,03.0,00.01,0000,,E, ...


There's a similar question here: "Personal Trainers: Do you like the idea of an app for PTs to set schedules for their clients, online or offline and they can also see the clients progress (weight, BMI, fats etc) and give them follow up call when required?", that suggests Fitness Hawk

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