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Whatever you decide to do should be dependent upon your training goals (eg. Training for a competition or race, etc.). Missing a training day is not the end of the world as long as it does not become a habit. Life happens, and, sometimes it impacts your training. Often, this results in “training guilt” especially if you’re a person that regularly trains. ...


I'll just answer this from my own experience. For my job I often have to leave for a few days and can't access any strength training facilities. Worse (or better?) my job is physically demanding so I come back to town and I'm pretty beat up, sleep deprived, and didn't eat so well. It's a real drag because I can't maintain the progressive strength training ...


I would increase the amount of exercise BEFORE the trip, since you know have a slot for recovery. Whatever workout you would do at the time of the trip, do it before instead, together with whatever you would do otherwise.

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