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This question is primarily opinion based, so, I’ll answer it in that context. When it comes to triceps development, I’m a firm believer in attacking all three heads of the muscle since triceps make up the bulk of the upper arm. For me, that means using many different types of exercises and different angles (flat and standing). While using a plate is an ...


It really depends what you're going for. They will each work the tricep a bit differently. There's an article here on what you can do for the different heads.


You likely experienced 'The Pump' - i.e. a temporary swelling of a well-used muscle due to additional blood-flow. It can last for several hours, but after the 12 hour period since your workout, it certainly could have faded. It's completely normal - don't worry too much about small changes to muscle-size.


Deadlifts on their own would not add muscle even though they are often attributed to it. In order for you to pack on muscle, you would have to eat more to sustain enough energy to warrant muscle group. If you deadlift and your nutrition is off point and your not eating enough, you won't build muscle.

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