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Yes, deadlifting once a week is better than not deadlifting once a week. It won't, however, work very well at making your arms or legs bigger. Maybe look into making a makeshift dip station at home for some quick tricep workouts that don't interfere with studying.


Exercising only once a week is always going to be hard to make any change to your body. Especially quickly! It is common for routines to expect 3-4 or more sessions a week. If I could only go for a single session a week I would probably keep to a split and do one week Squats Overhead Press Deadlifts Then the next week Squats Bench Dumbbell bent over row. ...


This is what the American College of Sports Medicine published as their Position Stand on workout programs designed for Hypertrophy (mass): Evidence from well-designed Randomized Control Trials that provide a consistent pattern of findings in the population for which the recommendation is made. ... It is recommended that single- and multiple-joint ...


There are a variety of triceps exercises you can perform. However, if done incorrectly, some of them can impact shoulder problems. To lessen any potential problems, I’d suggest you warm up by doing some light shoulder stretching, and, use relatively light weight to begin. I’ll list a few, but, if they cause discomfort, you should stop immediately. ...

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