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When I see players land on their chest for a lay-out, they often pull the "scorpion" move -- legs extending over their back, chin scraping the ground. I've never had any injury other than a scraped hip from landing on my hip, chest, and shoulder simultaneously. Here's a quick drawing of what I mean by hip, chest, and shoulder simultaneously:


Taping for a cramp seems to be an excessive measure considering the causes are many, and, the taping may actually exacerbate the situation if it affects circulation. Since there's no definitive study to indicate the exact causes for cramps (there seem to be many possibilities), I think your best course of action is to prepare yourself ahead of time. I have ...


In response to michael's question about injuries from diving: I have seen collarbone injuries, heard of shoulder injuries, and seen people need to take the rest of a point off due to improper bids. But data from the National Center for Biotechnology Information is better than anecdotes. P. Marfleet has this to say: Laying-out (diving) is a skill that ...


I believe injuries from the flick are caused by improper form; most people aren't very good at it and torque their arm to make up for their form problems. One way to improve form, and to avoid injury, is to practice the flick by throwing very short distances at low speed. This focuses the movement on getting a level throw and some spin on the disk while ...

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