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Carry your groceries home on foot, holding them in your arms or at your sides with your hands. Garden. Do home repairs and yardwork yourself. Honestly the entire endeavor of trying to work out without working out is, in my opinion, doomed. You can lead a more active lifestyle without explicitly working out. But as soon as you want any sort of specific ...


Children love being lifted like kettlebells or "boinged" around the house like an overhead press. As the children grow, you'll naturally increase your resistance. If you don't have children, acquiring them can be a workout, similar to push-ups or (if you need a heavier weight than a newborn provides) a farmer's walk.


As @Dave points out taking care of your house and yard will keep your upper-body active. However, if you want more of an upper-body workout, especially for strengthening, working out is more specific and time efficient. Some specific lifestyle activities that can help exercise the upper body (conditioning and some strengthening) could include chores: ...

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