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Berin's answer is spot on for reps and sets. Just offering a bodyweight alternative in case it's of interest. Straight Bar Dips activate your chest muscles more than push-ups and are a lot more challenging. Progressing them to slow muscle-ups, will build an incredibly strong chest. If these are too challenging, then try Parallel Bar Dips until you've got ...


If you're talking about a flat bench press, and if you were to follow something like the Madcow 5x5 linear weekly program: You will gain ~5 pounds a week. You have 45 pounds to gain. It will take you 9 weeks. This is predicated that you aren't over trained, you don't have any injuries, you eat and rest well, and you follow the program properly. I'd give ...


I would not recommend doing flies, as they can present unnecessary risk to your shoulders by overstretching the tendons in the bottom position. The best chest developer I've had to date has been dumbbell bench work at different angles. It beats out barbell work for that purpose hands down. I'd approach it like this: Dumbbell flat bench: for general mass ...


Forward and lateral raises should only be done at an angle for someone with a shoulder injury. Also the weights should be very light(no more than 10 lbs max) to avoid further stress on the joint

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