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Smolov Jr. is possibly the best bench routine for pure numbers. Prilepin's Chart is also famously adapted by a number of big strength training routines (such as Westside Barbell). There is also something called the Power Matrix that a friend of mine used to get his bench to 365 lbs (@180 lbs) in under a year. If your friend progressed linearly, that ...


If he went from 135 to 405 in five months, is doing full range (or even partial, really) and has gotten huge, there's one answer. Your friend's "secret workout" is anabolic steroids, probably injecting testosterone once a week. I should add: your friend is definitely lifting a lot as well and working out hard, but there's simply no naturally occurring ...


Nothing will happen. Training isn't just about training itself, but also about regeneration. After 12 hours your muscles will be absolutely destroyed and your regeneration will take a very long time. There is no point in training that long.


Right off the bat, you can't reduce fat from any particular part of your body. Spot reduction is a myth. Most of the chest exercises you're looking at will build your chest proportionally. In general, the more inclined a movement (closer to over your head), the higher the pec area will be used. The more declined the movement is, like in dips, the lower the ...

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