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A good juicer gets a fair amount of skin, though how much nutrition is lost would depend a lot on the juicer. But it's not just about nutrients, it's about fiber. Fiber serves many purposes, including slowing the absorption of those nutrients and sugars (less insulin spike), and fiber is something the body needs. I don't see anything wrong with juicing, and ...


You can simply google the health benefit of each of the fruits/vegetables. Those would be the benefits of consuming those fruits/vegetables. About the consequences of not eating them, (assuming you aren't obtaining the same nutrients from other sources), you'll be deficient in those nutrients as well. I would tell you the health benefits of each ...


How can I help him start eating vegetables? It's great that you're interested in your brother's health. Just keep in mind: you may not be able to actually help. This could be "just a phase he's going through", or it could be a longer-term neurosis. In the former case, it's no big deal; fortunately our young bodies are resilient and able to withstand even ...


Have a look at Nutrition Data, it's a site that gives you all the details you need to do your own research on fruits and vegetables. It provides information on fat, protein and carbohydrates, what amino acids the food provides, etc.


It IS healthy IF the juice is made of real, natural veggies and not commercial products in general. If you blend the veggie yourself, while keeping the veggie skin(since it contains most of vitamins,nutritents and fibre) then the juice will have the same effect as eating the raw veggies.

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