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Haglund's deformity is mainly genetic and depends on your type of foot. As your brother has already had this, I suspect you might have the same type of foot and therefore have a higher risk of getting the deformity that others. Also, it's When most people first notice Haglund’s deformity, it is because the skin, bursa and other soft tissues at the ...


2010 ISSN Position Stand: • Individuals engaged in a general fitness program can typically meet needs by consuming a normal diet (45-55% CHO; 3-5 g/kg/day). • Athletes involved in moderate amounts of intense training (2-3 hrs/day, 5-6 times/week) typically need to consume 55-65% CHO (5-8 g/kg/day or 250 - 1,200 g/day for 50 - 150 kg athletes) in order to ...

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