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In my experience the climbing "pump" has a lot of factors involved. I believe it is from too much blood staying in the forearms as JohnP said. I have found that hydration and anything that effects my overall strength impacts the quickness that I get pumped while climbing. If you are feeling a little weaker you tend to have to rely more on your hands and less ...


For compression specifically - in my experience, it's often quite the contrary. Wearing compression sleeves, braces and especially belts all the time, leads to certain muscles staying relaxed or more strained in compound exercises when they shouldn't be. Your nervous system learns how to activate (also under-activate and over-activate) muscles based on ...


Lactic acid is a byproduct of the energy used in a muscle, like exhaust in an automobile. ATP or adenosine triphosphate comes in and removes the lactic acid. ATP is made up of calcium and creatine and adp. We can only get creatine from red meat or supplements. Could be something to look at.

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