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You are correct that both sleep and hydration are very important, especially for a training athlete. Many professional triathletes sleep 9-11 hours/night, in addition to a nap during the day. You stated that you ordinarily refrain from drinking water 2 hours before bed. This is the correct behavior. Furthermore, you should also not eat shortly before bed. ...


Actually, fat does float. There is a manswers episode about how girls with big natural boobs float.


Assuming you have sufficient sodium, your body will do a good job regulating your water level; if you drink too much, you will excrete it.


Yes you can retain water, but since you are exercising 5+ days a week you need that water to help you hydrate and will not retain much of it at all. When you exercise, you force the veins to carry back waste products and used-up blood to the heart, which, in turn, cleans that blood, with the aid of other organs. This aids in the secretion (much of ...

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