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I have been working out regularily for over a year. I initially saw lots of fat melting away, but my weight went up by 4lbs 2k aprox in the 1st three months. In the end, by measuring my fat (pinch test) before and after. I gained equal to 7lbs in fat and gained 11 in muscle. I did not change my diet in that period. So in 3 months I lost 7lbs (5% for me) ...


1. Check your protein intake Weigh how much you eat of everything and use nutrition facts tables or internet information (like at self.com) to count how many grams of protein you get per day. You might want to borrow or buy a precision scale, with precision down to the gram. You should aim for at least 1.5grams per kilo of weight per day, thus, for a 50kg ...


This is a very broad question, and deserves a very broad answer. Workout plan There are tons of workout plans already created. We're not going to make a new one for you when you don't take the time to give us the details we need. Here's one of my favorites. http://stronglifts.com/5x5/ Diet plan Again, you divulge NOTHING of value in your question, so ...


you can eat Much Carb and Meat. For Gain mass you can Dring Mass Gainer Milk. If you focus gain weight, 1st you must eat much.

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