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I'm already squatting (80% my bodyweight) and deadlifting (little more than my bodyweight) as part of Starting Strength program. What else should I do? Absolutely nothing. Keep squatting until you're squatting 150% of your bodyweight. Keep deadlifting until you're lifting twice your bodyweight. Once you reach those goals it would be reasonably to ...


Squats and deadlifts target the lower body, not upper, which is what you need to focus on in order to develop the arm strength to carry a person like that. Bicep curls, pull-ups, overhead shoulder press, rows, bench press...these develop upper body strength. That said, lifting a person is not at all like lifting a rigid weight. People are soft, lumpy, ...


Interesting!! An idea would be to just start lifting your girlfriend already in addition to your current weight work. Keep lifting her until your have the strength to hold the lift with some stability for a good period of time - perhaps 10-20 seconds would be a good start. Then start adding in the movements such as walking while holding, walking and ...


The most true "opposite" exercise to the push-up is the let me up, or inverted row. These preserve the posture, bodyweight aspect, and arm positioning of push-ups for a true mirror-image exercise. The barbell row's different form (arched back, pulling toward lower ribs) works muscles farther down the back that are silent in push-ups.


I had the same thing happen and what I had to do was I found out what my one rep regular max was then I took 50% of that to do my slow motion workout. then I kept records and whenever I would stall I would do it again.

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