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This is directly sourced from reddit, but its about 3x 45lb plates or approximately 60kg. From a safety perspective, unrack no more than 2 plates per side... and always unrack your weights.


The underlying basic principle to exercise is the concept that in order to force your body to get stronger, you have to demand more from your body than you have in the past. This same principle is at work whether you are a beginner or very advanced. When the body adapts to the increased demands, it does so with a little room to spare. This is called ...


The reason why people recommend that you do not workout the same muscle group 2 days in a row is to lower the risk of you damaging your muscles whilst they are rebuilding and strengthening from your training. Having said this... this is a recommendation not a rule. Therefore, workouts such as your Smolov squat program are perfectly okay to attempt baring ...

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