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It means that there is 100g of fat total, and out of that, 30g is saturated.


Your question is somewhat overly simplistic and assumes that if there were an evidenced base solution, it would be the same for everyone. That's not the case. I like to think of adaptation as a synergistic, complicated process that requires more than just weight training. Neglecting all other aspects (eg. Nutrition, recovery, genetics, etc.) that ...


As a complete beginner, a good workout routine would ideally to conform to these points: Linear progression. Since the workload is light compared to your absolute physical potential when you're a beginner, you have the capacity to completely recover from one workout to the next while adapting too. Aim to increase workload each workout or each week. Full ...


When you say 'range of motion', both a muaythai kick and a leg press have the same ROM...which is zero. Range of motion is determined by the final joint angle minus the initial joint angle, and since both movements are a cycle, you get zero. So maybe that's not the best vocabulary to use. As far as 'the muscle responsible for stretching the leg', muscle ...

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