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Yep, if you don't eat enough protein it's likely that the body will get protein from other less used muscles, also if you eat enough calories but not enough protein you can still improve your strength but you won't improve your size much(you could even get fatter). Strength improvements are much faster with a bigger protein intake though.


After a workout, the body must repair the fibrilar damage. As we know, protein(aminoacids) is the "food" of the muscle, so if it doesn't have this "food" then it won't repair correctly and muscle loose will occurr.


You can do Goblet Squats (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WrvQ2LEyGw) until your scapula is resistant enough.


I ran ambulances for a period, and also spent 3 years working primary ambulance response in an Air Force ER. The other answers are good but kind of need to be all combined, since for first responder type of ambulance work, the correct answer is that you need an overall body weightlifting and conditioning program. During a normal year, and depending on ...


There are yogasanas(exercises) for toning the belly. Jathara Parivartanasana (Revolved Abdomen Pose) is one such exercise. Yoga is more useful for general body fitness and it will take long time to achieve flat abs using yoga. If done properly yoga can burn as much fat as a gym workout but a gym workout is much better for burning fat.


Answering the question directly: Generally speaking effective weight training increases your metabolic rate and yoga will decrease it. Yoga is primarily an aerobic activity and can be strenuous or easy, and it can be for short or long intervals. Weight training can target multiple large muscles several times a week, or it can be a hodge-podge of random ...


To get visible abs, you need a combination of strong abs and low bodyfat. Saying that weight lifting or diet affects burns fat is like saying a high salary or low costs leads to wealth accumulation. If your calorie balance is below 0, you are burning fat, it's that simple, it applies to all diets. So if you want to know if you're making steps forward, use ...

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