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comment Protein shakes for weight loss
About the cost, i don't really agree. It depends where you like. It costs me like $10 min to get a 200g meat in a restaurant, which contains around 30g of protein. For the same amount, single serving of protein shake costs just couple bucks. Since i train 5 days a week and eat 6 meals every single day, it's pretty much realistic for me. Actually i just wanted to give an idea. Diets, food or calorie sources can vary from people to people depending on their activity and nutritional choices like being vegeterian.
comment Protein shakes for weight loss
It should be like 1.5 grams per pound of lean body mass. Or let's say you weigh 90 kg, protein intake should be around 220-240g per day.
comment Pushups for muscle mass, fast or slow?
Do you count calories or protein & carb intake by means of grams ? If not, you have to. There are some simple calculators about how much your daily intake should look like. For instance if you're 160 lbs, your daily protein intake should be around 200 grams and 260 grams of carbs. And you have to have a nutrition plan on a daily basis. Another key point is to eat clean foods, not junk food, deep fried stuff etc.
comment What is a jump rope good for?
HIIT is always good, especially for fat burning. So yep, you can do HIIT with it, very good exercise. You may end up with king kong calves in the end :)
comment Elliptical trainer vs. running
Whether you're overweighted or not, during running your needs are more under stress compared to elliptical. So if your aim is to burn fat or do some cardio, you can always go with elliptical. Also you can still do HIIT with it.