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I am a .NET developer. I started getting fit by walking to work - about 2 miles each way. That burned off 40# in about 9 months.

For fitness, I currently dance: Zumba, U-Jam (think Zumba but with hip-hop) and belly dancing. For balance and flexibility, I tend to stick to yoga/pilates type classes such as "BodyFlow" and "Willpower and Grace".

comment Training for shoveling snow
Is it one arm only? Do you switch arms every few minutes when shoveling (I do). I'm older than you but my workouts are mostly dance & yoga.
comment What can I do for sore nipples?
When mine are sensitive, I use round pasties. amazon.com/gp/product/B00JW25FQQ They have adhesive that ends up on the outer aerola and provides a layer between the nips and the jersey.
comment Running wearing a jumper vs. running without
@Christopher, not during a "normal" session. However, there have been a few days where a front blows in over the mountain and what started as a nice sunny day to go biking/walking became a rainstorm before I made it back home. And the temp swings are nowhere near as bad as when I worked in Conifer (4000' higher in altitude than Denver yields a 22°F drop just due to altitude difference [6.5°C/km or 5.4°F/1000 feet], but, hey, they got snow last week) while living in Denver (officially at 5280 feet above sea level).
comment How to get rid of oversleeping?
There are also some alarm clocks that mimic sunrise. A coworker used one like this amazon.com/Philips-HF3480-Wake-up-Light/dp/B002CGSYPS to wake up more "naturally."
comment Tricks to lose weight in 48 hours
Hosing out your butt takes about an hour or 2 and will make you miserable, but it will get a couple pounds of poop out of you reasonable quickly.