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"Enterprise" developer/architect with an EE background and experience/interest in:

  • Microsoft .NET / Visual Studio
  • Delphi
  • VB/VBA (although I try to forget)
  • SQL Server, SQL CE
  • Web Services (SOAP, WSE, WCF)
  • Web Applications (WebForms, MVC, JS)
  • Embedded Systems (HCxx, PIC, etc.)
  • UI Design & Data Visualization
  • Project Management
  • and probably a bunch of other things...

comment Is it necessary to eat fewer carbs in order to lose weight?
I'm all in favour of primal/paleo diets but the Q&A really needs to be focused around the documented, scientifically-proven effects of lower CHO or lower GI/GL, and not this mystical nonsense of being "ancestral" or "feeling happier" or that bread somehow lacks nutritional value. There are enough tangible, practical benefits to these diets that they really don't need the rumours and innuendo and emotionally-charged praise to make them attractive.
comment Is it necessary to eat fewer carbs in order to lose weight?
This is a pretty terrible answer. The Atkins diet is, almost by its very definition, not based on calories or calorie sources but instead relies on ketosis. Other low-carb diets are either intentionally or coincidentally low-glycemic. High-glycemic diets are correlated with insulin resistance and other hormonal/metabolic changes that increase appetite, making it harder to lose weight. Of course it's still possible to lose weight on any diet, but the links between low GI/GL and appetite suppression/weight loss are pretty well-documented by now...
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