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comment What are the trade-offs of weight versus repetition?
Thanks for your answer. B) makes sense, but A) is precisely what I don't understand, since (according to the graph) sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is not optimal in that range, but rather around 20 reps. Yet people training for mass almost always recommend the 8-12 range.
comment What are the trade-offs of weight versus repetition?
I must say I don't really understand this chart from reddit. Almost all of the dark (= optimum) areas are in the 1-5 range, so why would anybody ever train anywhere within the 6-20 range (as bodybuilders do)?
comment How well do chest and back go together in the same workout?
I'm asking myself the same question. You say you've been reading a lot about combining chest and back. Do you have any links about that? In my (very small and anecdotal) experience, training back and biceps the same day gave me the impression that once I had finished training my back, my arms were already half exhausted and didn't really benefit from the remaining exercises. Same for chest + triceps. I now combine biceps + triceps and then back + chest and I feel that it allows me to train more intensely.