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Originally raised in Belfast Ireland, I first started with Basic on an Amstrad CPC 464 at the age of seven. Whilst nothing more than using the working examples provided by the 300 page A4-sized manual that comes with the PC, it was enough to have me hooked from that early age.

Roll forward to 1996, and I begin learning to program with Visual Basic 3 (VB3) in combination with SQL Databases, for simple user input. A quick jump to VB4 and then VB5, and after a year I'm working for a company on Sales Ordering project.

About ten years later, with a migration to VB6 and then VB.Net, adoption of Windows CE programing (from WinCE 3.0 up), I move to Manchester UK and begin programming in C#. Two years later I'm familiar with Windows Forms, Mobile development, Database development, Reporting, and I'm getting into Business Intelligence (BI).

These days I work Windows Phone 7 as a hobby, and try to convince others that BI is not black magic, and not just reporting.

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