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comment To add mass to my legs, should i lift heavy with few reps or lighter with 12-15 reps?
The formula is simple, the explanation is simple. Experience is always ahead of science when it comes to exercise. If you spend time reading scientific studies you will see that they have small sample sizes, and in reality each individual has too many independent variables to do real meaningful scientific research on anything related to exercise. Also most of the people creating the "scientific evidence" are not scientists, and have no classic training in the sciences. Work hard, eat and rest. The recipe has worked for half a century, and still works today.
comment I need some tips in increasing my weight and body sturcture
My rough estimate is 1200 calories in his/her diet per day. This is the correct answer, if they want to gain weight, they will have to eat at least twice as much. Also the macro-nutrient breakdown is heavy on carbs, so shifting to more protein will help too.
comment Barefoot running in cold weather
They have a neoprene upper. If you get a snug fit, the layer of water between the neoprene and your body helps keep you warm.
comment Pushups for muscle mass, fast or slow?
I think this is the correct answer, but I want to add something. Another way to recruit the most muscle fibers is a very explosive pushup. This would be a pushup where your hands actually leave the ground.
comment How to deal with gas all day from nitric oxide?
Nothing personal, just trying to save you some money. A few studies have found some moderate gain in peak power, but mostly no effect or negative effects on strength, body comp and aerobic capacity. Here is just one of many examples. Actual Study
comment Is it possible to become relatively fit without going for runs?
Agreed. Look towards resistance training that will supplement your kayaking and cycling. You will find a positive feedback loop if you add strength to the muscle groups that are critical to your favorite hobbies. Not only that but they will become easier to perform at a higher level. Good luck!