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I am a 4.5 years experienced ASP.Net programmer, currently working at e-Zest Solutions Ltd. Pune(Maharashtra), India as a Sr. Software Engineer. My core competencies are

ASP.Net 2.0, 3.5, 4.0






ASP.Net MVC 3.0

comment Time gap between meal and stretching exercise?
Thanks @jlg, I have a question that, yes it doesn't increase my heart rate or doesn't feel me like heavy exercise but still when I stretch I feel that my complete abdominal muscles are also stretching so is it really alright to do stretching after meal?
comment How to lose weight if I have lower vertebrae problems?
I have also heard about a way that I have put in here in the board as a question "Is pulling stomach inside increases metabolism and reduces weight?"
comment How to lose weight if I have lower vertebrae problems?
Hi AtlasRN, Thanks for your useful reply. Actually from last 3 months I started feeling pain in my lower back and I think I know the reason, actually I used to be a freelancer software developer so I used to sit on floor keeping my laptop on my thies, bending my back without changing the position for hours, I did that for months. So when I consulted my doctor he told me that the only solution of this is to take rest, not be in the same position for long and do stretching exercises. Now I have joined a company so I now sit on the chair, so at least in good posture.