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Software engineer, martial artist, dragon boat paddler, and hobbyist photographer.

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comment Why do we need a resting period?
I'll reopen it and hopefully there will be detailed answers for it.
comment How can I strengthen my lower back
Can you provide a more detailed and thorough explanation as to how and why that would help strengthen the lower back?
comment What is the effect of alcohol on the body?
Maybe take a look at this question about how alcohol affects gains. There is some information there.
comment If I lift on the moon will I get stronger?
Not insane, but applicable to astronauts that have to exercise in "zero-gravity" environments.
comment How to build muscle strength without exercise?
The rest of the discussion can take place in the Physical Fitness Chat (or in a separate room), but this question is not going anywhere very quickly. @halvey If you want to be your own barrier, you are free to do so. Coming here and asking for help from very active, respected, and knowledgeable participants on this site and then shutting them out does not produce any fruitful discussion. You've already received many answers and comments that echo the same sentiments, and you are free to choose to do what you want with this information, but it is apparent that there is no need to keep this discussion going.
comment Is this routine and diet good and should I continue doing it?
@Saranga You can merge your two accounts by following the instructions at this page: meta.stackexchange.com/help/merging-accounts
comment What to drink during a triathlon
Can you provide a more thorough and detailed explanation for this?
comment Can I beat Arnold in arm wrestling?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is not constructive for this site. If you say it's off-topic, then why did you even post it in the first place?
comment How can I best recover for a second strength workout on the same day?
Can you please summarize the key points and information from the link and use it as a reference? We would like to preserve information here for future reference in case the original link's content disappears or changes.
comment How can I make my thighs and calfs slimmer?
It's likely muscle you've put on for cycling. You might enjoy this recent article from The New York Times about athletes. nytimes.com/2014/02/12/sports/olympics/…
comment Water dripping from nose after swimming
Probably not an issue and likely due to the salt content. Happens to me plenty of times. It's like shooting saline solution up your nose.
comment 24 hour fitness international locations
Have you tried looking at their website? 24hourfitness.com/health_clubs/find-a-gym
comment Is the slow-carb diet bad in combination with exercise?
Can you provide a deeper explanation as to why a slow carb diet worked? What did you do? How did you do it? The more dertails you add, the better we can understand how you achieved your end result.
comment Is there anything wrong with doing one-legged bodyweight squats in this way and what can I improve?
This is something that's a particular characteristic of the martial arts style I practice. Not everyone can get it, but those that do start out with using some kind of support to hold when going up and down. Keeping the foot flat is also important. With enough practice and time and building the strength, it can be achieved. Unfortunately it's either you do it or don't.
comment How Do I increase my discipline and will power?
What do you mean by "just about everything in life" in your question? Your question reads as extremely vague and general. I suggest being more specific in what you're trying to seek.
comment Difference between Running and Training clothing
@Freakyuser This isn't a product recommendation. It's simply a question about differences in clothing that are typically used for different purposes.
comment Does eating Nestle Fitness Cereal for weight loss require other nutrition?
Can you provide a more thorough explanation of why?
comment pistol squat mechanics
Speaking from experience (it's something featured in the martial arts style I practice), it's largely balance. Once you can do it fluidly and have the muscle to hold yourself up (and not everyone can do this), then putting your arms elsewhere isn't that terribly hard.
comment Workout routine for an overweight person
Have you checked the information in this question?
comment New Workout Plan Causes Soreness
What exactly are you doing in your physically demanding job? It sounds normal in the sense that adding P90X to whatever you normally do would cause soreness, as I've done similar things myself and am very active. It may be that you haven't grown accustomed to the new workout yet.