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comment What are some training types that strengthen getting up muscles?
Why do you think normal squats will not help you here? They would help strengthen the legs and prepare you for the pistols.
comment My legs still ache 3-4 days after legs day
I get more DOMS (and worse results) when there's too much time between workouts. I'd try to incorporate one more leg day/per week. Many beginner programs have squats three times/week.
comment Should my wrists have the pressure on them when I benchpress?
I can't find any credible sources saying they should be straight either. Unfortunately, the only references for bent wrists I have are a Swedish physiotherapist weighing the pros and cons of both approaches at his blog (in Swedish): and information given by the Swedish Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IFBB-affiliatied) at their instructor's courses.
comment Should my wrists have the pressure on them when I benchpress?
This sounds dangerous. The wrists shouldn't bend back from the weight, but they should be bent back. Otherwise all the strain is put on the thumbs, and the stability of the wrist is impaired. However, the position of the bar in the hand should not be too close to the knuckles, as it creates unnecessary momentum.
comment Is it better to develop swimming fitness first or get better at technique?
I am not a swimmer, but I am a firm believer in that technique comes first. In this case, how do you build "swimming fitness"? By swimming a lot, I suppose. Why wouldn't you try to swim better meanwhile? By actively bettering your technique all the time, you would spend a lot of time in the water, gaining fitness at the same time.
comment How do I bench press safely without a spotter?
The "roll of shame" is a method that can be employed when you have no safety bars, just the bench. The power rack, safety stands or similar equipment is absolutely safer, but this is a viable option when none of that equipment (or spotter) is available.
comment Substitute for squats and squat jumps that put less stress on knees
The question seems to imply that squats somehow would be unsafe for the knees. Why would they be unsafe (esp. for someone without prior knee problems) in the first place?
comment Is this pain in my neck — after Smith Machine squats — just DOMs or something else?
First, good that you got rid of the pad. That's probably part of your rolling problem. Second, do you pull your shoulders back properly, so that the bar rests on them and not on the neck?
comment Headache when working out
What type of leg-press machine are you using? I've seen ones where you more or less lie down while pressing, which I'd try to avoid. Does it feel okay when you do regular squats?
comment Why does running make you have to poop?
Heavy squats. If you haven't been to the bathroom beforehand, well, after a set or two, the rest time gets a bit longer...
comment Will building up running reduce knee pain
How about unsuitable running technique? Heel-striking kills my left knee, while running on the forefoot works wonderfully.
comment What is the differences between DotFit bars and PowerBars?
You'll get about the same amount of energy from a banana and a glass of milk (~3 dl). The bars, they are more or less the same and will therefore give the same effect.
comment Stronglifts 5x5 Deadlifts: Am I supposed to increase weight with only 1x5 each time?
Further, if one looks ahead into the program we see that all exercises end up in 1x5 sooner or later. However, the program also states that we build up to that single heavy set, so we might lift 5 sets with increasing weights.
comment Obtaining protein from alternative non-meat sources for bodybuilding
Table sugar would be sucrose, a compound of fructose and glucose. 50% of each.
comment Will calcium supplements affect my strength gain?
I've not heard that the calcium assists protein uptake before. Do you have a source for that? A quick search gives more studies regarding bone density and such.
comment What foods can I eat to keep my energy up in an office job in the afternoon?
What types of food are you eating for lunch?