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comment Can walking be a way to lose weight
Weight training is always my number one suggestion for people trying to lose weight. Even if you don't want to bulk up, people constantly underestimate the number of calories that a little extra muscle burns through the course of a day. Not to mention the benefit of improved lifestyle (being able to pick your kid up, lift a heavy box, or move a table without straining). All of this can be accomplished without turning into the Incredible Hulk.
comment Working out after a long period of not exercising
A great answer for the most part, but I disagree with completely mastering the kitchen before approaching the exercise. The most important thing in my opinion is to get started, even if it's not perfect. From experience (my own and others) waiting to get the perfect diet will just cause the exercise to keep getting postponed indefinitely, with the diet serving as an excuse.
comment Fruit as optimal post-workout snack? What else besides fruit?
It probably depends to some degree on what your workout was...
comment Gaining weight without gaining fat
I was going to respond to this question, but you didn't leave anything out that I could add to the discussion :) +1
comment Bench Pressing vs. Push-ups
Since I usually work out alone, I do my bench presses using a squat rack. I set the pins so that the weight stops just above my chest and I can safely do the exercise to failure without a spotter. Just make sure that you set the pegs high enough that the weight doesn't rest on your chest at all. Depending on the adjustability of the rack and the bench that you're using, it might not be possible to find a good height, so this can be hit or miss. I've been lucky at most of my gyms in the past.
comment What Are The Symptoms of Shin Splints?
I was diagnosed with flat feet when in high school. I wore orthodics for while, but stopped and it didn't slow me down athletically (I ran track, played lots of sports, etc.). Recently (20 years later) I developed plantar fasciitis though and the flat feet were a big part of the cause. I got new orthotics and they've healed nicely now. Anyway, just wanted to warn you of something else to watch out for.
comment Duration of running for weight loss, and diet control
I'll just quickly point out that the fat being concentrated in your belly has nothing to do with the fact that you sit a lot. The location of fat is much more likely to be genetics and simple biology (fat gathers there in men to protect organs, etc.). This is my own understanding at least. If someone else has other information, please share.
comment Need to gain strength to gain muscle?
Just to add to Nick's comment... if you were new to resistance training then you would have definitely been seeing what he called "noob" gains. When you first start out you get some quick gains because your ligaments, muscles, balance, and mind are all quickly coming up to speed as your body learns what it's like to lift weights. Once your body and mind have made the easy adaptations it's harder to get the actual muscle gains for noticeable strength increases.
comment Muscle building exercises without looking like the Hulk, think toned and defined
I'm guessing that he doesn't like the color green