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Freelance contract programmer/computer consultant since 1978, dba SOFTWEST, LLC. (www.softwest.com). BSEE/MSCS. Have been granted 22 US patents (either sole inventor or with others).

I work mostly with embedded microcontroller systems (8-16-32 bit) where I design both the hardware and firmware (usually C or C++).

Learning Objective-C, Ruby and Python in my spare time.

comment Is something with 100 calories but 24g of sugar okay to eat when on a diet?
This doesn't make any sense -- sugar has about 4 calories/gram, which would be almost 100 calories per cup of your product. Perhaps the label meant 0 calories from fat?
comment HRM that shows time-in-zone?
+1 for the T5G971. I have one and it works great. At $43, a quarter of the cost of the Timex Race Trainer Pro (which admittedly does a lot more).