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comment Is this machine good for post-run stretching?
It isn't an elliptical trainer. At least, not in the traditional sense. Instead of simulating running, walking or climbing, it is used to recreate a swinging motion. Where you basically kick one leg in front of you, while the other is kicked behind. It stretches your calf muscles in a very similar way to a toe touch would do - unlike any elliptical machine I have ever been on (but maybe my definition of 'elliptical machine' is too narrow).
comment Can re-introducing meat cause stomach pain?
If you know how best to rephrase this, Moses, then you're welcome to edit it. Thanks for the advice.
comment Can re-introducing meat cause stomach pain?
Interesting, but I wouldn't say I ate much less food over lent than I normally would. I know that my caloric intake was pretty similar throughout lent to my caloric intake before lent. It's not as if I took meat out of my diet and didn't replace it with anything.