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comment Moving from Machines to Dumbells
Generally is there a normal percentage of how much more difficult it is or does it depend on the person. For example, I can do 80kg Chest Press on a Machine (Male, 17, 79kg), so what should I start off with dumbbells at (or should I just goto like 20kg in each arm and then hope to go up next time)?
comment How much can the 95th Percentile lift without overly exerting themselves?
95th percentile means that only 5% of the population (extreme) wouldn't be able to lift it. It's like saying how much does the average person weigh, but for product design that isn't good as you still alienate part of the market, so you want a figure that would be suitable for most people. E.g. If the figure for lifting was say 15kg, there might be 5% of the population that are really unfit and couldn't manage that, but for 95% of the population it'd be ok.