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I trained boxing, judo and tae kwon do when I was younger. I now practice Shorinji Kempo in Stockholm. It is a chinese/japanese boxing style that looks like this when I show it with my son. I go to the gym and lift free weight regularly. I have just started to learn Total Immersion swimmng. I am a really slow runner and start to loose my flexibility due to much programming sitting down at the office. My Current stats are: I row 500m in 1 m 34 s, I benchpress 95kg, 1 squat 110 kg. My Goal is to lower my fat percent down to 17%.

comment Firstbeat Energy Expenditure Algorithm
I found this paper: Can HRV be used to evaluate training load in constant load.(link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs00421-009-1240-1) "HRV recovery, suggesting that post-exercise HRV may enable an objective evaluation of TL in Weld conditions. The Wrst 2-min recovery seems to give enough information on HRV recovery for evaluating TL." They use do not use neural netw. But Short-time Fourier transform with Matlab-software with data from Suunto t6 wristop computer.
comment Less weight and more reps or heavier weight and less reps?
Thank you for your information about FAQ. I have now read the FAQ. The headline about: "What if I see bad things happening?" caught my interest.
comment What kind of home exercises are helpful when one trains martial arts?
If Clean and Jerk is to complicated try thrusters (youtube.com/watch?v=AqSuHN5ecc8) you can use dumbells (youtube.com/watch?v=BNTW7B09VJg) instead if you for some reason do not have access to a barebell. But you must put up a bar. I you want to be better with the Sambo GI hang it over your bar and and do some set with pullups holding on to the GI. This will improve your grip.