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comment Best exercise to lose belly fat fast
To lose weight I also find it important to switch the workout occasionally when you feel you hit a plateau. I recently introduced morning runs before work to my fitness program and lost 2kg in three weeks right away.
comment Burning calories: Using elliptical type equipment
Also note that it is not so simple to find out your maximum heart rate. Things like 220-age are not reliable! Some people say a max intensity 10km run with sprint finish will give you an idea... All the calories calculation in gym equipment is, I believe, bogus. They may have measured some skinny, mid weight and heavier people in different age groups and interpolate between the datasets. Most likely they have not done this with 1000 of people so it won't be representative.
comment Should I drink water before, during or after eating?
The answer is there is no time you have to drink! This is for sure an answer. You should drink whenever you feel thirsty. what else is there to say
comment When taking vitamins and supplements, does it matter if I take them all at once or should I spread it out throughout the day?
Most vitamins are useless and unnecessary. Your body can not absorb large concentrations. If you eat a healthy diet you will get all vitamins that you need. No need to make your pee more expensive than it is :) Seriously. If you have some medical condition that requires to take anything I am sure your doctor told you.