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I am an IT Software Tester, learning C#, C++ and Linux.
I have done a lot of work on the following platforms:

Linux Ubunutu 4.1 - 12.04
Solaris on SPARC
Solaris on INTEL
HP-UXi v3
RHEL (5.10 & 7)

comment Low dose multivitamin?
@StevenGubkin, well done for doing it that way, I just take the easy way out, and get multivitamins. This might be too localized, but I am currently taking a product called: Alpha Men (myprotein.com/uk/pages/search?SearchTerm=alpha%20men) - it has the nutritional info on the right, for example: that has 80mg Vitamin C (100% RDA*) and 15mg Zinc (150% RDA*), etc. I'm not saying that eating fruits and veg is wrong, but meat is also needed for protein. So fruit and veg needs to be balanced with other foods.
comment Low dose multivitamin?
Haha, "a product called fruits and veg"? ... a product? That is a good one. Fruit is very good throughout the day too.