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comment squatting barefoot, bad reputation for gym!
One could counter that the arch collapsing is a form breakdown and if you can't lift the weight without losing your arch you're lifting too much. Using the mechanical assist (specialised shoe) to lift more weight without loss of form would be a training decision. (Admitting there is a practical matter than joe/jane-western-shoe-wearer probably doesn't recognize what it feels like to let his or her arch collapse and needs specialized training to recognize and prevent it.)
comment Can a well-conditioned person sit up using only their core?
The hip joint mobility to actually sit up on the floor with straight legs and a neutral spine is probably much more rare than the core strength otherwise required to perform the movement.
comment Improving breathing in a deeply bent leg situation (diaphragm compression?)
If you struggle to breathe in halasana it is because of poor form. Continuing to do an exercise with poor form and hoping this leads to eventually having good form is not an awesome plan. Elevate your feet with blocks or a chair and support you back until you are comfortable with a neutral spine, then work on increasing hip fold range and shoulder extension to get deeper.
comment Is LCHF diet the best and easy way to loose fat?
1) 50-100g is far too much carbohydrate to induce ketosis in most individuals. 2) you can buy sticks to test for the presence of ketones in urine.
comment Collar bone visibility issue
Sounds more like posture and mobility issue than needing to hide jacked up should position behind even more muscle :)
comment Running out of energy before feeling muscle stress
+100 "spiking" treats totally defeats the purpose of the diet. If you want treats, add regular small treats keeping yourself under ~30g total carbs on a given day.
comment How much should I worry about eating more when exercising?
If your goal is to lose weight, you may want to eliminate one of the most calorie-dense foods in all of nature, tree nuts, from your regular snacking and eat something that fills you up :)
comment Chest bench press using a machine
You didn't say what you've been doing for 1.5 yrs. Perhaps you simply have weak deltoids relative to triceps and chest after 1.5 yrs of machine-constrained transverse presses that don't require frontal stabilization?
comment What is the maximum weight which adjustable dumbell handles can take?
standard 10lbs plates are much larger in circumference than a 40lbs hex dumbell, you cannot hold it as close to your body. This will either limit range or change the path of movement. Consider a row, you can't pull it right up into your armpit like with a regular dumbell, the plate will hit your shoulder much sooner. It's just a thing to consider.
comment What is the maximum weight which adjustable dumbell handles can take?
bear in mind 10lbs plates on a dumbbell handle can noticeably reduce your range of motion compared to regular hex dumbbells in some movements.
comment Compound exercise routine using dumbell
I think you will get much better results following a good bodyweight program than trying to do a barbell program using dumbbells.
comment Initial weight loss, followed by 2 weeks of inactivity
Hey if you think two hours/day + changing/travel time is something you can keep up for the rest of your life.... go for it. But if you don't change how you eat, then as soon as you let up on that, the weight starts coming back! (I might need to change careers to whatever you do to come up with that free time... :) )
comment Initial weight loss, followed by 2 weeks of inactivity
You can't gain 6kg of fat in 2 weeks, it's nearly impossible. You can easily retain that much water however, it should come back out fast. More generally: You can't just keep eating the same way that made you overweight and try to exercise it away for the rest of your life, it just doesn't work. 1,000 calories/day is an insane amount of recreational cardio to try to keep up indefinitely as well. You need to learn to eat at a sustainable level. And spend a few weeks actually weighing and recording your food to find out just how accurate your "aim" is :)
comment Yoga for muscle imbalances?
Yoga under the close supervision of an expert teacher can help correct imbalances. Yoga in front of a DVD without even a mirror to see how janky your own shoulder position is, can just as easily reinforce bad movement. It's all relative.
comment Planking for posture - should I go for time or intensity?
My two cents, if your posture needs professional help, you should have a professional teach you and observe you doing plank variations or you're likely going to do it poorly and just reinforce bad shoulder position and spine position habits. (A good pilates instructor can teach you this a lot cheaper than a PT appointment)
comment Lost 30 lbs in 6-8 months. But need to bring down fat percentage
How are you measuring body fat? 23% @ 5'10"/164lbs Male sounds very high, unless you have quite a small frame.
comment How to engage chest muscles
First guess would be "I don't flare my elbows" is a lie you're telling yourself. Get into a position where your arm is blocked so that your forearm is forced to stay completely vertical and your elbow is unable to move in space. (e.g., go to the outside corner of a wall and press one forearm back into the wall so that it can't move around.) You should then absolutely feel the chest work (or discover that you don't have enough real shoulder extension to actually get into the bottom position with the chest activated.)
comment What exersise routine would I be able to do which would prepare me for pre-employment physical assessment outline below?
Define 'pre-employment'? Is this an assessment you have to pass or you already have the job and it's just an assessment? Ending up assigned to perform tasks you're not ready for because you "trained to the test" to get better marks in a few arbitrary measures might have long term consequences?
comment Which type of Yoga focuses more on flexibility?
In the same way any other movements that challenge strength interfere with recovery. Unless the OP is either already easily doing things like hand-stand-pushups and pistol squats for high reps, or purposely goes to a class below his or her level that is not challenging, Ashtanga series will challenge strength.
comment I'm in need of guidance for apettite control
Vegetables vegetables vegetables. It is not humanly possible to consume enough broccoli to maintain body weight at your size :)