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I work as a software developer, but I enjoy being physically active.

  • I bike to work (when it's not winter)
  • I've been running (including some organized races)
  • I do bodyweight training
  • I am working on doing a free standing handstand (in preparation for handstand push ups)

comment Optimal strategy for “4min pushup test”
I think the "best" strategy is one that mirrors your training. For example, @Moses identifies lift big, rest big and follows that strategy for the test. Someone who does a lot of interval training might go for a more evenly distributed 20s on, 10s off (or something) continued until 4m are up.
comment How do I do a proper situp?
@masonk what is GHD?
comment Training Methods for Climbing a Suspended Rope
@DaveLiepmann I will try something like that, and let you know how it goes.