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comment My hip goes out of place within a matter of days after the Chiroproactor pops it back into place, is there any way I can pop it back myself?
For what it's worth, off-topic as it is, I have the same issues with my SI joints due to an old injury. I know the maneuver that the chiro is doing to you, which helps a lot. Look into something called a 'Trochanter Belt', which is a brace you wear low around your helps. At least in my case, when it gets bad, the belt helps keep everything in place while the swelling goes down in the joint, so everything stays 'in place' and doesn't wander. The joint isn't "out of place" in so much as swelling in the joint is hindering movement.
comment How to avoid blisters while running barefoot?
The best way to avoid blisters is to not over do it and go way over what your feet are accustomed to. Like anything else, it will take time to build that endurance. Taping your feet restricts the foot's ability to flex on striking the ground and I can't imagine that being beneficial at all. Even in shoes, your feet expand and contract when bearing your body's weight.
comment Localized abdominal pain after a short run
Saw several docs, they couldn't find any indication of a hernia. They said it was likely a muscle strain, but keep an eye on it. The pain has reduced, it's not noticeable unless I poke at it like the anti-Pillsbury Dough Boy. Not a 'woo hoo', just a sad. :)