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comment What to drink during a triathlon
+1 on this. You could pick something that would work really well, or you could pick something that would give you gastrointestinal problems.
comment Please advise me on reducing my overweight, I am quite depressed and lost
Great answer. The weightlifting is especially important; the number of people who lose weight with weightlifting + aerobic exercise is significantly higher than those who just do aerobic exercise. I would also explore your diet; reducing refined sugar and simple starches (flour/rice/etc.) can help as well.
comment Training Program to become stronger alpine Skier?
I think it's unfair to the author to list the exercises he recommends, and I don't think it would work that well; the point of the evaluations is that they are used to decide which exercises are important.
comment Should cyclists use weight training to strengthen underutilized muscles?
If you cycle a lot for significant periods of time, you can lose a lot of upper-body mass. If you are trying to be a competitive cyclist, this can be a good thing. If you are worried about your long-term health, it can leave you weak and prone to osteoporosis. I lift fairly seriously a few times a week to counter the effect of my cycling. I agree with Dan that you should do a general weight-lifting approach, not try to focus on a specific muscles. I have found that deadlift is a good exercise to counter some of the back issues I was having...
comment Does losing weight impede endurance training (Specifically cycling but also in general)?
I started to write an answer, but it would help considerably if you explain why you are interested in the topic? Are you trying to lose weight and gain fitness at the same time? What is your current fitness level?
comment Is it normal to have heart palpitations in colder weather?
Please speak to a physician about this.
comment Can I get sugar and electrolytes from natural sources, as opposed to goo, during a race?
Sorry. Issues range from stomach pain/cramps to diarrhea.