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comment Work out 5 times a week, out of breath
Resting BPM isn't that useful for determining fitness level as different people have different sized hearts. I'm about your size, 20 pounds lighter, and a resting BPM of 60 would mean I'm quite out of shape.
comment Getting back into aerobic shape
I ski a bunch, and - unless I'm skiing bumps or other advanced stuff - I find that I'm much more likely to be strength limited in my legs than cardio limited.
comment how to lose bum fat
How do you know that all your fat is in your bum? It could be a postural issue.
comment Best way to achieve muscle activation in the lower abs?
I suggest a trip to a PT. You probably have activation and imbalance issues, and how to address them depends on your specific condition. If you aren't going to do that, I'd look at stretching exercises as well; strengthening may not be enough. The "hollow back" thing is known as hyperlordosis; if you search for that you will find more info.
comment Stiff calf after 20 minutes of cycling
The obvious answer is "stop with the heavyish cycling", and make it much lighter. That will give your body a better chance to adapter. I would also make sure you are using your bike's gearing so that you don't have to push too hard.
comment Shoulder / Arm pain during overhead lifts
Sounds like tendonitis to me. If it is, rest might help, but it might not. I would evaluate your form on the lifts that you are doing, especially WRT your shoulder position. Shoulders too far forward can lead to tendonitis. It would also be a good idea to visit a PT.
comment Does massage really help recovering from muscle soreness
For soreness that comes from cycling, the quality of your recovery nutrition can have a noticeable effect on soreness of the legs.
comment Overestimated calorie burn on an elliptical
I agree with Tony, though I think his estimate is a little high. 600 calories/hour is a fairly high rate of effort; I think most people would be closer to 400-500 cal/hour for a moderate effort.
comment Aerobic vs anaerobic for better fat loss
I think your calorie burns are inflated. I doubt that you are burning more than 500 calories per hour playing soccer, and your running is also probably too much.
comment On smaller in between workout activies and the interpretation of resting phases
If your morning routine is focused on getting warmed up & loosened up, then great. If you are trying to work muscles that you just worked out hard the day before, then not-so-great.
comment Recommended max resistance on cycletrainers
JohnP is on the right track. I do 2-minute workouts at about 300 watts, which would very easily work on the trainers you are thinking about. I don't think you'd be able to put a lot more than that out because the connection of the roller to the tire will start slipping.
comment Relation of physical fitness and age
Joe Friel has done some good blog posts on this. The short answer is that High-intensity training seems to reduce the loss of fitness.
comment What exercise would get heart pumping fast very quickly?
I'd like to know why you are wanting to do this.
comment How much more cardio for fat loss?
Not only is 170 bpm likely too high, there is a lot of variability in maximum heart rate even for people at a specific age.
comment fastest way to burn calories?
My average wattage is around 190 watts. KJ in an hour = watts / 0.28
comment How can I calculate calories burned during an activity?
Note that heart rate to wattage factors are exercise specific; you aren't going to get the same value on a bicycle as you would on an eliptical
comment fastest way to burn calories?
I'm a serious recreational cyclist with a power meter on my bike, so I can measure how many calories I burn fairly accurately. It is really hard to burn more than 600 calories in hour; I recently went on a 30 mile ride and climbed 2000', and burned 1200 calories in two hours.
comment Learning about fitness for skiing
The book "Total skiing" might help you out; it has an approach that targets the kind of exercises that will help you.
comment What to drink during a triathlon
+1 on this. You could pick something that would work really well, or you could pick something that would give you gastrointestinal problems.
comment Please advise me on reducing my overweight, I am quite depressed and lost
Great answer. The weightlifting is especially important; the number of people who lose weight with weightlifting + aerobic exercise is significantly higher than those who just do aerobic exercise. I would also explore your diet; reducing refined sugar and simple starches (flour/rice/etc.) can help as well.