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comment What is the effect of alcohol on the body?
While all named effects are real, these are more of a ridiculously short duration or effect. Alcohol per se is, in somewhat reasonable dose, by far less detrimetal. Actually, unless you're pregnant, pretty harmless. However, it is other chemicals that "alcohol" is accompanied by which have much more severe and lasting effects. For example, not few "alcohols" contain significant amounts of uric acid increasing chemicals, which not only make gout a factor but also elevated blood pressure (due to u.a. inhibiting NO effects on the artery).
answered Is it true that Diet is far more effective than Exercise for fat loss?
comment Should I do cardio if I want to gain muscle weight and lose fat?
This is wrong on several accounts. First, cardio is the only thing that is suitable to burn noticeable amounts of fat at all. Second, the concerns about cortisol are only valid if you do cardio in a stupid, excessive way (like 90%). Third, everybody should be doing cardio, always. Doing 1-2 hours of cardio per day at levels which give heart rates of 130-140 bpm (not higher!) will not only make you live longer (well, no guarantee on that one, but most likely) and healthier, but also consume significant amounts of fat.