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comment How many times can one do crossfit in a week?
+1 for the suggestion about your diet.
comment Keeping in shape with a terrible sitting-job
Sitting for many hours is just as bad. Your body needs to keep moving to stay in shape. That's why breaks are highly recommended (the ones where you stretch/walk). If you can alternate 1 hour sitting/1 hour standing, you'll be in much better shape (including burning more calories overall). Again, if that's not something you want to consider, I'd say your diet is the best way to stay in shape (even if you exercise).
comment Keeping in shape with a terrible sitting-job
Is getting a stand-up desk out of the question? I'm a software engineer, and I love standing up for most hours of the day. I've also used a treadmill desk which is even better. Also, controlling what you eat is actually the best thing you can do IMHO.
comment What are the dangers of starting cardio as an overweight 25 year old male?
@w00t : I have no digestive issue with grain fiber. Is this based on your experience? Or do you have any source to back this up?
comment Risks of having a low caloric intake and high activity
I agree about daily fluctuations. Yet I think I wouldn't manage to get a habit from it doing it only once a week. I put my weight in WeightBot on my phone everyday, and if I miss a day or two, the graph can still average out the missing data. Also, overall, the data will be more reliable; if somehow the one day of the week you decide to weigh yourself leads to an "inaccurate value", it will take 2-3 weeks before you realize it, 4-7 values averaged for one week is best IMHO.
comment What is the proper procedure for showering in a gym locker room?
+1 for using a combination lock, so you don't mess with keys.
comment What to do if you have backpain due to many hours of sitting although going to the gym between those hours?
I have a treadmill desk, and would also recommend standing up when you work at a computer for long hours (walking is nice, if possible). Remember to also adjust your office setup:…
comment How can i figure out how much sleep I need?
@TannerSwett : not that you can't, I'm just saying that it doesn't seem realistic to recommend that on a "global scale" ; sunset time varies considerably according to your geographic location, that's all I'm saying.
comment How can i figure out how much sleep I need?
Where do you live that you can sleep at sun set ?! Sun set may occur at 4:30PM in Paris during winter !