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I am a software programmer using C#, C+, and (less often) PHP. I frequently work with SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and XML.

I own a business for technical consulting, programming, general IT work, and designing custom electronics (usually for costumes and theater/movie prop use).

I enjoy computers, music composition, photography, writing, sci-fi/fantasy, birding, and occasional cooking. (Many of which are topics of SE sites!)

A note on capitalization, spelling, and grammar: I care about the quality and readability of the questions and answers on StackExchange sites. I frequently edit for these reasons. I understand that not everyone knows English as their first language. If I leave a comment for you asking you to observe some language-usage convention, it's meant as a helpful hint, not as an attack.

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comment How much cardio to lose body fat fast and healthy
Check out this video from the "Fat Head" documentary site. It discusses caloric intake versus calories burned, and the misconception about just how "simple" the math is.
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