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comment Is it worth getting measured for running shoes?
FWIW, I periodically will have a gait analysis done at a local running store. I will buy that pair of shoes from them (I feel they have put the time in and deserve the sale), after that I tend to order the same shoe online and save $20-$25 a pair, until I feel I need another analysis.
comment Training upper body without stressing lower body
When you say regular situps, do you mean bent-leg situps where your knee is bent and your feet are on the ground? I don't see where this would put strain on the knee. If it is bending that hurts the knee, then consider resting your feet on a bench or chair to reduce the angle.
comment Alternating between similar exercises
I saw that in the second paragraph that you are alternating weeks. In the first paragraph, it looked like you were doing both. I'll edit the Recommendations portion of my answer to fit your question better.
comment Why are kettlebells so expensive?
I would not rule out #5 either. Although casting a Kettle shape is not significantly more difficult than a dumbbell shape, I worked in Quality in the Plastics industry, and shapes like the handle of KettleBells tend to be weak points, requiring more intense QC, and tighter control of the processing parameters (heat,time, pressure) to ensure that the handles do not snap off.
comment best way to build cardio endurance?
Also most running experts say that it takes two weeks for your body to fully incorporate the gains made by a workout, this is why many plans have a 7-14 day taper before the target race, anything you do within that window is not going to help you on your test, and you increase the likeness of soreness or injury, for no gain...
comment How do you find a good personal trainer?
Also see if you can find out their motivational style, ask if necessary, but watch them train if possible. What works for one client may not work for you. My wife had a trainer that would yell at clients (often cussing) during workouts and when he was not happy about their food journal contents. It worked for her, but it would not work for me.
comment Quads vs Hamstrings in Squats and Lunges
Thank you Kate, that link was informative. It may be that I am not going deep enough in my squats to effectively activate my glutes and hamstrings.
comment daily upper body weightlifting?
My wife's trainer had her break her upper workouts into Chest/Shoulders/Triceps one day, and Back&Biceps another. Personally Upper one day, lower the next works better for me.
comment Quads vs Hamstrings in Squats and Lunges
Often I do not have a partner/spotter, so I've been doing my squats on a Hammer Strength V-Squat Machine. For Lunges, I'm either doing Standing Dumbell Lunges, or Barbell Lunges on the Smith Machine.
comment How to design a running program and diet plan for losing fat in a healthy manner?
Gabriel makes good points about strength training. My wife lost a lot of wieght strenth training, then decided to run a marathon. She reduced/stopped the strength training, and dramatically increased her running, up to a peak of 40 miles/week. During this time she gained weight despite maintaining the same diet she had been using.