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comment Isometric deadlifts instead of barbell deadlifts
I've seen isometric deadlift platforms with adjustable handles/plumbing pipes. It is basically a platform with a chain and/or spring that connects to a handle and you can adjust the handle to various heights to train different stages of the deadlift movement. I can't say it's a substitute for a deadlift, but many people use it in your situation or to train past sticking points in their lift. Ross Training:
comment Carb Backloading
Look in the back of the Carb Backloading book. There is a substantial references section. If you're concerned about if eating 400g of simple carbs each night is healthy, I'd recommend getting a lipid/glucose panel done on the final morning of your 10-day keto (you can often do these dirt cheap at a hospital, just call their lab and ask how much a self-ordered lipid/glucose panel costs), and then do another after a month on the CBL and see if your numbers are clean. I haven't heard of anyone coming back with bad numbers, but it's worth monitoring anyway.
comment My legs still ache 3-4 days after legs day
It's normal, and as long as you're training your legs hard, they're just going to hurt. I've been training my legs hard for 12 years, and it usually takes me 5 days to fully recover. Going long periods of time sitting at a desk w/o moving your legs contributes a lot to stiffness. Try doing this: The day after your leg workout, go back to the gym and do a couple of sets to work your quads, not to failure, but burn them good. Most people find that helps reduce soreness.
comment How do I lose Weight when I weigh 345lbs?
I never recommended calorie restriction. In fact I recommended to fill up on the food that's allowed on the diet. In addition, I personally wouldn't call the diet I proposed a fad. Eating beans, lentils, vegetables, lean meats and nuts is just eating healthy. It may not be for everyone, which is why it's great there are so many different answers available. The rapid weight loss at the beginning is just a result of clearing excess carbohydrates out of the body which causes a drop in water retention. That can be very important for someone experiencing joint pain as Michelle mentioned. Thanks.
comment Uneven chest after pushups
My answer was assuming gym access wasn't available or the person was intentionally performing body weight strength training. I did body weight strength training exclusively for 2 years and built a very solid chest through approximately 30 pushup variations and training to failure (though it obviously doesn't compare to my chest now that I'm training with weights). But Kate is right, weight training will mask that difference if you ensure you're pressing evenly.
comment How do I lose Weight when I weigh 345lbs?
The purpose of this diet is as much for lowering cholesterol and glucose levels as fat loss (…). Also, the intention is to promote a complete shift in lifestyle so that old habits can be broken and new ones formed. Of course, everyone is unique, so I think the wide variety of responses here will allow for someone to choose what they believe will work best for them.